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9 09 2006

The lovely lady in charge of the Socks-A-Month knit-a-long also does some pattern designs. One of her latest to come out was test knit by another lady with diabetes who will be participating in a walk to raise money for Diabetes Research in October. As a result, she decided to place this pattern up for sale on her blog. $5 for the pattern, and ALL proceeds go towards the test knitters pledge drive. I think it’s great. And it’s a lovely sock pattern too. I’m all about Diabetes research. My boyfriend’s diabetic and recently ordered a new insulin pump which probably cost more than his car (or at least pretty close).

Oh, and another bonus. If you order the pattern you’ll be entered into a drawing to win three balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran yarn, which was used to make the socks in the sample. You have up until the 15th of October to order and have the proceeds go to the Walk for Diabetes.
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9 09 2006

thats a wonderful way to raise money for a very important cause. my mother in law and grandmother in law both have diabetes, so my husband and his sister have the worry of someday becomming diabetic. anyway, i’m not a sock knitter yet (started a pair, but set it aside for now…will start again someday, i swear!), but those socks are so pretty! maybe i’ll order the pattern and give it away w/ sock yarn as a gift to one of my sock knitter friends 🙂

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