Mmm… Acrylic

9 09 2006

So I’ve been house sitting for the past week (I didn’t fall off the face of the planet). Took a lot of knitting when I left including my Candle Flame Shawl, the Blue Pomatomus, the Spring Socks, and the Purple Peasant Top. I also took some more yarn in case the Spring socks should have been finished. Close, but not too close. Most of my time was spent doing homework, going to class, club meetings, and chasing a cat around who didn’t want his shots. Progress was made on everything. I won’t post now though, I’ll wait until I have nothing else to show. 😉

For now, I’ll show you the hat I finished last weekend and completely forgot to post about.

9-1.jpgPattern: K2P2 ribbing, double stranded, get rid of the fun fur, increase and knit round and round until it’s time to decrease, then decrease. Not complicated.
Yarn: Red Heart in color Shaded Dusk, and Lion Brand Fun Fur in color Light Blue.

9-2.jpgOh, and the yarn and needle sizes were announced for Sock Wars, and because I don’t have any DK weight yarn that isn’t baby yarn or scraps, I stopped by the yarn store to pick up more Sassy Stripes. It is a DK sock yarn.

Edited To Add: I did some long hard thinking about my choice of sock yarn. There are many down sides to knitting socks from acrylic, mainly the issue of: if my feet sweat the socks won’t absorb it and that’s gross. I’ve knit acrylic socks, but I’ve never actually worn them for long periods of time with shoes. So I broke down and placed an order online… to Knitpicks. And you should all be glad to know that the bulk of my purchase was a book. 😀 A book and enough yarn to make 3 pairs of socks. One for sock wars (which was cheaper than the stupid acrylic yarn I bought) and two more pairs, one for each grandma.




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