Charity Square

12 09 2006

12.jpgFinished another one. This one was actually started mid-August. Which is sad seeing as how I can make a square in less than 3 hours. Unfortunatley they’re boring. Squares are boring. Which is why I play with patterns and color. In fact, I think I might start going through more books to find more cool patterns.

Yesterday was 9/11. I sat around and cried whenever it was mentioned. It’s just so sad, and I can’t watch the specials on TV because it’s too soon. 5 years isn’t much.

In other knitting news, I haven’t had time to knit with school. I think the big problem is that I put off homework during the weekend because I want to knit. That and after a week of doing homework/school/clubs, I just don’t have the energy to homework after all that. So I had a whole 30 minutes to knit yesterday, and today isn’t looking great either. My goal, is to start doing homework when I should, and do homework on the weekend, but allow for frequrent knitting breaks to keep me sane. That’s what I did the first weekend of school, and I feel like I learned more that weekend, and got more accomplished than any other weekend. Another goal. Notice my goal of projects on the needles went down the tube. It’s called Christmas, and travel projects, and just wanting to bust some stash.




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