Major lack of knitting content

18 09 2006

18.jpgMy dad’s birthday is Thursday. I was going to make him socks. Key word: was. I said to my mom Sunday after winding yarn for his socks, “I’m going to make dad socks for his birthday, think I can do it in two weeks?” She replied, “His birthday is Thursday.”

WOah… I swear I had two weeks like yesterday.

If you haven’t noticed, school has taken over. I’m swamped with math homework, 8 chapters of it just last weekend. Plus there’s always a couple reports to do for the education classes.

I did manage to clean my chair off though. For awhile it’s been piled with clothes because I have no room in my dresser, and my spinning wheel was blocking my closet. So this morning the spinning wheel was moved so I can get into my closet, except now I’ll trip over it when getting out of bed. My homework buddy is really happy. He loves to sleep in the chair while I’m on the computer, even if I leave random clothes on it during the day.

I’m really hoping I can get all this homework on track this week. That way I won’t be behind for the future, and there will be much more knitting to show. That and if I don’t get everything all caught up, I’m a sitting duck for sock wars.




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19 09 2006

good luck w/ the homework load…i’m hoping to start taking some classes in the spring (just one or two at a time, though) and i’m uber nervous that i won’t have any knitting time. that would definitely suck!

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