Opinions please?

19 09 2006

My favorite teacher in the world, and one of the only ones who can teach at my university was turned down for tenure. This means he may only be there for about another year. My problem is that I have 3 years left including the current one. Rumor has it another teacher in the same department probably won’t get tenure either, and a third is thought to be soon retiring. The problem? This only leaves the university with One full time professor in this department. It is also this one professors first year at the university.

So I’m concerned with the state of the department. This is a subject quite vital to my graduating and being successful. So hire more teachers you think. Well, while many universities are hiring now for next fall, ours doesn’t start hiring until the spring. This means our University doesn’t always get the best candidates. We tend to get who’s left. So if three professors aren’t coming back next year, will they be able to replace all three? I don’t really think so, and it’s scary.

My thoughts: Where can I transfer? and When should I transfer?

I like my university, but I don’t know what they were thinking. And if anyone out there knows a thing or two about the way universities usually work, please, e-mail me or something. I would love to hear more about it.




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19 09 2006

What’s your major, Ashley? And what are you hoping to do with it later? Those questions have a lot of bearing on what you decide; but also, certain majors have different ‘classic’ hiring procedures than others. I might be able to shed some light depending on what major it is… or others might…

19 09 2006

you know I was pondering this very same thing as I drove home from SNB.. I passed Stark state/kent Stark and thought you should transfer to Kent. They have a great education program, I think you can go 5 years and get your masters.. I plan to go there for a doctorate if that ever materializes and they take me. You might be able to take classes at that stark location and still stay at home! Think on it!

26 09 2006

Which department are you in? You know, there’s always The All-Powerful Ohio State University, here in C-town. Then we could knit together. 🙂

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