Good bye Socktober.

31 10 2006

Last day of Socktober. I feel like school really got in the way of my Socktober.

I did knit socks… The only thing I knitted that wasn’t a sock was two washcloths, and I started a scarf at my first guild meeting. Haven’t touched the scarf since.

During this month I finished:

My second pair of Sock Wars socks. When they arrived I only had a cuff. So we’ll say 1.75 socks.
The Toe-Up Pomatomus socks for my boyfriend were finished. These were longer than average Pomatomus socks too. 1.5 Pomatomus knit during Socktober.
The THIRD pair of Sock Wars socks has also made major progress. 1.25 knitted during Socktober.
Also a Christmas gift (socks) was worked on 0.25 for that one cause it wasn’t worked on till my boyfriends socks were done.

Total socks for the month: 4.75 socks this month. It’s a lot when you look at it like that. Just imagine what I could accomplish if I didn’t have massive homework getting in they way all the time.

1031.jpgHere’s a picture of the Third pair of sock wars socks… This is some really nice yarn. I’m half tempted to keep them for myself they’re so incredibly soft.


Toe-up FO

26 10 2006

Toe-up Pomatomus are finished. Toe-up socks look so awkward, especially with these ribbing patterns that make the shape look funky. These socks are a little off anyways since I had did both of them differently in the heel. But that was me experimenting.

1026.jpgPattern: Pomatomus modified to be toe-up

Yarn: Knit Picks’ Memories in color Yukon

These are going into the box of wool and mothballs until Christmas. The 3rd Socks of Doom are going to be picked up and knitted with fury, and I’m going to get working on more x-mas gifts. Maybe a test knit. Who knows. My mom made the comment the other night…. “Maybe you should start shopping for gifts.” I don’t want to buy all my gifts. I want to knit something for everyone, or at least the majority.

There are only 5 more pairs of socks that I plan to make, and according to my counter there are 1 month, 4 weeks and 1 day till x-mas. Since I can’t knit right up until x-mas, I’m going to say I have about 8 weeks to make 5 pairs of socks. Which means I’d have to knit 1.25 socks a week. Hm… can I do it? Maybe, maybe not.

Plus I have socks of Doom to make. This sock wars is slowing me down.

Yarn Mail

23 10 2006

1023.jpgSome lovely yarn arrived in the mail today. To bad it’s going to be turned into Socks of Doom!

I worry there won’t be enough. One ball does say 50grams, and there are two of them so I hope it’s plenty!

I love Dishcloths.

21 10 2006

Remember that dishcloth I started a few days ago for the Monthly Dishcloth KAL? It’s finished. Well, it’s finished in all it’s dishcloth glory. What makes this my new favorite dishcloth?


I like the shadow knitting stuff. I like it a lot in fact. I realized what this was the day the orange was started and from that point on I was thrilled. My sister adores candy corn, so she was thrilled that it was a candy corn dishcloth. As soon as I showed her that it was candy corn she asked me if I would have enough yarn left to make her one. Her birthday is tomorrow, the ends were woven in before dinner and it was passed on to her. She was thrilled. She kept trying to show my dad just why it was so cool.


Pattern: October’s Mid-Month KAL from Monthly Dishcloth KAL

Yarn: Sugar ‘n Cream in colors Hot Orange, White, and Yellow; Lion Cotton in color Black


18 10 2006

1018.jpgMore Socktoberfest!

Still pumping along on the Pomatomus socks. I’m half way through the heel and all is good. Cross my fingers and they’ll be finished by the end of October. Cross my fingers again and I will have gotten my next Sock Wars socks in the mail to complete and those will also be finished by the end of October. I’m just awaiting my package.

Socktoberfest and Dishcloth KALs

16 10 2006

I recently joined the Monthly Dishcloth KAL. What can I say, mystery patterns that you don’t figure out till the end…. there’s nothing better. And it’s a washcloth, not a mystery sweater, sock, or other project that could take much longer. 10161.jpg
Here’s what I did today. I was irritated at the lack of colors at the store, then I realized later that they did in fact have all the colors so I angrily went back and bought the colors. I decided I’m going to go through and make a list of colors needed for future KALs and write them down so I can buy one at a time with all my coupons. 😀

And since I shouldn’t deprive anyone of a Sock update. Here it is. Pomatomus number two has make progress! Mm…more pooling. I’m actually getting annoyed with this pooling. I just don’t like it. Oh well, maybe next time.

Sock Wars Socks II

14 10 2006

Second pair of Sock Wars socks completed and shipped! This time I remembered to take a picture. The photo doesn’t do it justice though.


Pattern: Socks of Doom…duh.

Yarn: Muskoka? Not sure, but that’s on the label. It’s merino and it was sent to me by the lovely lady I killed.

Also I bought something today…. MOTHBALLS! Lavender scented moth balls in little clear pouches. So I take the mothballs, throw seven pouches into my yarn and hopefully I will never see moths.

I’ve never had problems with moths before, but when I say that I don’t do anything to protect my yarn, people flip and tell me I need to. So now there is protection.