1 10 2006

It’s October 1st, and Socktoberfest has officially started.

So I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to do for Socktoberfest. I missed out last year because I had no clue about the wonderful world of knit blogs and the online knitting community.

Sock yarn isn’t hard to find ideas for, it’s very easy. Hey, maybe I should make a pair of socks with it! It’s discontinued? Socks for me then! We all know we can’t give away yarn that we may never find again.

Sometime this summer I decided it would be a great idea to knit my entire household a pair of socks for Christmas, and of course my boyfriend would get socks too because he’s my boyfriend and I always knit or crochet him something for gifts. Then, the Grandmas got thrown into the picture. They should get socks too.

I’ve already collected all the yarn for these gifts, the trick now is to get every last one of them knit before Christmas.

My boyfriends are the farthest along. In fact, these socks are being aimed for our anniversary. Unfortunately it’s a week from Monday. 9 days. I’m to the heel on the first sock. Probably not possibe, but I also have fall break coming up so hopefully they will get finished, even if I have to sit around on the day of our anniversary and finish up the last sock.
1001.jpgI worry about how these socks will hold up to use. They’re on size 2 needles, but the needles are just too big for the yarn. They were the needles called for in the pattern though and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to alter the pattern enough to make it work. He could care less, tells me they’ll be great, he knows he’s getting them so it won’t be a surprise, but I still care. I still worry. Chances are when he wears through the bottoms because the gauge was so loose he’ll come running back to me insisting that I fix them.




One response

1 10 2006

Ah. But that means it’s true love (if he wears things you made enough to wear them out). And then you get to learn the fun of repairing knitwear — I’m not entirely being sarcastic either. It’s kind of a cool craft all by itself and I’m fascinated by what I’ve learned of it so far!–>

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