Socks in the Mail.

5 10 2006

Socks in the mail today, but these weren’t socks of death.

I sent my socks to Astabeth last Saturday, and she promptly shipped her unfinished socks to me after she was killed on Monday. 1005.jpgWhat a sweet person. I’d been talking to her via e-mail throughout the whole thing, so it was sad to ship the socks, but it had to be done.

And the partial sock she sent me is really pretty. I like green, and this yarn is really soft. I may have to look into buying some of it for myself (once the stash is reduced of course).

Speaking of stash… didn’t I say last month that I was going to get it all into two boxes before next September? So far, I haven’t gotten rid of anything. In fact, I might have even more yarn now than I had before. Oops.

The hecktic part of my week is over. I hope to have more posts with lots of knitting content all weekend.

My boyfriends socks? Our anniversary is still Monday, and I’m still on the first sock. It isn’t looking promising, so I think I might aim for Christmas, or even his birthday. If I put them off for his birthday it would give me a chance to get other relatives knitted gifts done for Christmas. It isn’t looking too good though.




One response

6 10 2006

zOMG green is my favorite color. You can take your time on those socks, though. Really, I don’t mind. 😉

let me know if you need my address or anything.

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