No More Fun Folks

10 10 2006

Fall Break’s over. Fun time’s gone. Back to the evils of college. My weekend full of knitting adventure was great even if my hands are so cramped that I can’t type right now.

Went to my first local guild meeting tonight. It was fun. I paid dues for the rest of the year, only to go to a Pep Band meeting afterwards and find out that I can’t make it to the next three official guild meetings. Bummer. That’s the bad thing about pep band. When I first discovered the world of blogging last year, it was during pep band season, so I couldn’t make it to these SNB groups because the meetings were on Pep Band game nights. The practices never conflict, just the games.

10101.jpgAnyways, we started scarves at the guild meeting. I dug some Red Heart from the stash for the occasion. I hate this scarf. It isn’t the yarn though, I think I’m just using needles that are too small. It’s too hard to cable with fabric this thick, so I’m going to go up to size 10 and see what happens.

10102.jpgIn other news, I cast on for Blue Pomatomus #2 yesterday, and actually started knitting today.




One response

11 10 2006

What instrument do you play in Pep Band?

I think the scarf is looking very pretty, so I hope you find a comfortable needle size for it!

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