Toe-up FO

26 10 2006

Toe-up Pomatomus are finished. Toe-up socks look so awkward, especially with these ribbing patterns that make the shape look funky. These socks are a little off anyways since I had did both of them differently in the heel. But that was me experimenting.

1026.jpgPattern: Pomatomus modified to be toe-up

Yarn: Knit Picks’ Memories in color Yukon

These are going into the box of wool and mothballs until Christmas. The 3rd Socks of Doom are going to be picked up and knitted with fury, and I’m going to get working on more x-mas gifts. Maybe a test knit. Who knows. My mom made the comment the other night…. “Maybe you should start shopping for gifts.” I don’t want to buy all my gifts. I want to knit something for everyone, or at least the majority.

There are only 5 more pairs of socks that I plan to make, and according to my counter there are 1 month, 4 weeks and 1 day till x-mas. Since I can’t knit right up until x-mas, I’m going to say I have about 8 weeks to make 5 pairs of socks. Which means I’d have to knit 1.25 socks a week. Hm… can I do it? Maybe, maybe not.

Plus I have socks of Doom to make. This sock wars is slowing me down.




7 responses

26 10 2006

I like the kind of faded-denim effect on these socks! Very cool.

I still haven’t either (1) been killed or (2) received the materials to kill my next victim in Sock Wars. Oh well!

26 10 2006

last year i got the great idea to knit 23 gifts for xmas and started on nov 1. i didn’t finish all of them, but almost, save 2 or 3. i was mostly knitting scarves, though, so definitely less time-consuming then socks. good luck – u can do it!

26 10 2006

Hi there – I came over here from limenviolet – I think the socks look great! And I had wanted to knit the illusion dishcloth for Halloween but it didn’t happen – nice work!

You know, you could give each recipient one sock and tell them the second one is coming… I have a good friend that did that!

27 10 2006

Good luck with your christmas knitting!!! Last year I went a little nuts so this year I’ve vowed to stay realistic… but I can already feel myself slipping…

great socks by the way!

28 10 2006
Dipsy D.

I really love how these socks turned out, they have a very special and unique effect – fantastic! Good luck with your Christmas Knitting and the Socks of Doom!

30 10 2006

I really like the Pomatomus socks you made! The yarn colorway is awesome!

30 10 2006

This is one of my favorite patterns. I have two skeins of yarn earmarked for two more pairs for me!

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