29 11 2006

1129.jpgWhat am I working on? Top secret Christmas knitting!

Other than that.. a fun fur scarf.


Can’t wait for school to be out for break.

I have a take home test for Calc that needs done. I really should be getting started on it.



27 11 2006

Want to see how much yarn was left when I got back from vacation?

Just scroll down to the picture I took before I left…

… yup. It all came home still in skein form!

I did knit though. I knitted a lot. There were two socks I was working on. The first one was a test knit. I knit until the pattern all of a sudden stopped… Just stopped. But, I had no access to the Internet so it went on hold till I got home. The second sock is a Christmas gift and I’m going to hold off on showing those until after they are received.

My boyfriend got me something. I was thrilled when he told me he got me something. He told me not to be too excited, because it was nothing big. 1127.jpgIt’s so cute though! It’s a tape measure. His sister went to some event at her work and they gave her a bunch of crap including the fishy tape measure. She didn’t want it so he took it to give to me. He knew I use my red one all the time when knitting.

Gotta love him.

Well.. I’ve procrastinated long enough. I have one more essay to write tonight. I’ve already finished two projects today and did a presentation earlier. One more paper due Wednesday, and a take home test due Friday and I should be in decent shape for the rest of the semester.

Expect more updates in the future once school gets out of the way.

Off we go.

21 11 2006

1121.jpgI’m leaving for vacation. The big question? How much yarn should I bring.

I decided I must make socks. Sock yarn doesn’t take up much space, and I remember just how much yarn I drug along last year for one hat along (it had lots of colors). Socks take a long time, but not a lot of space.

I’ve decided that this much yarn is good. There is definitely more yarn than I should have time to knit; however, should major knitting get accomplished, I should have plenty.

On the rare chance that I use up all that yarn… at least almost all of my Christmas knitting will be done. I would have just one more pair of socks to complete and plenty of time to do it.

Now I will search for patterns to make sure I have enough interesting things to knit while I am there.

Should be a fun trip.

Oh, and my birthday is finally here… I’m one more year older. (well… not that old.)
I’m so proud of myself for not spending my new birthday money on yarn. (This will happen while I am on Christmas break and I have time to stalk the mailman.) The ultimate goal is to save money, and only buy yarn if it is really needed. ex: I have no sock yarn! Buy sock yarn. I have no lace-weight! Buy lace-weight yarn. I’m going to try to stick to this. Key word: try.

Happy Early B-Day too me.

18 11 2006

So I bought myself a spindle kit. That came in the mail earlier in the month.

A few weeks ago my boyfriend started asking me hypothetical questions about yarn, where he could buy it, and what I thought was good yarn. I knew what he was up to so I just went to a few different websites and showed him yarn. I didn’t give him any links so I was really curious as to what he remembered (especially since he only listens half of the time).

Well… he gave me my Birthday present a little early. (I was getting very impatient.)

So I present to you Socks that Rock in color “Christmas Balls”. Unfortunatley my mind tends to go right to the gutter whenever I hear that name.1118.jpg

Conversation went as follows:

Me: So did you actually remember some of the sites I told you about?

Him: No.

Me: So how did you find the site?

Him: I did a search for “Christmas Balls”.

Me. Haha…. How long did it take you to find the right site?

Him: It was the second one on the list.

Me: What was the first?

Him: Porno.

He gets major credit for this one. lol. Yarn is going immediately into the stash until I finish up all Christmas socks, or until Christmas actually happens. Whichever comes first.

FO Socks!

11 11 2006

1111.jpg I finished the Sock Wars SOCKS!

These came to me as yarn… took forever to finish them because I couldn’t take this pattern one more time.

They will be shipped first thing Monday. Unfortunatley they will take FOREVER to get to Spain.

Pattern: International Socks of Doom
Yarn: Heirloom Cashmino

Oh well. This is hopefully the last pair I’ll have to make.

Next up: A TEST KNIT!

Technically I’ve started the test knit. Now to see if I can finish it before the end of November.

Drop Spindle

9 11 2006

11091.jpg I don’t like my spindle. It wobbles and just looks like it’s off. I don’t care though because it was cheap, and it is lighter than my ashford meaning I can spin thinner yarns.

After getting some blue sample roving off the spindle I dug out my Cherry Tree Hill roving. It’s gorgeous… and I love it. Funny thing, when I went to the Cherry Tree Hill site it said this was for felting… you think they would aim towards spinners? Maybe I’m missing some horrible flaw. lol.

11092.jpgThese socks are currently nagging me. I’m just so freaking sick of Sock Wars…. This is the 3rd pair. Sock number 6. I’m bored… I want to spin. I’m almost done… so hopefully it’ll happen this weekend.

Good Mail.

3 11 2006

11031.jpgBad Week this week. But I got some good mail today.

My spindle kit that I ordered from came. So I got my spindle, I got my 8 oz of roving, and I got some other little added bonuses. I got some blue roving and a letter that explains that the blue roving has been broken down in to what you would actually be using to spin. It’s very beginner friendly and I love it. They also gave me instructions on how to spin with a drop spindle. I know how to spin, I didn’t need directions and I didn’t need the extra bit of prepared roving, but I think it’s really great that they did as much as they did to help the beginner spinner. So if you’re thinking about learning with a drop spindle, I recommed

Oh, and I also got the Winter Interweave… my week’s been made.