Off we go.

21 11 2006

1121.jpgI’m leaving for vacation. The big question? How much yarn should I bring.

I decided I must make socks. Sock yarn doesn’t take up much space, and I remember just how much yarn I drug along last year for one hat along (it had lots of colors). Socks take a long time, but not a lot of space.

I’ve decided that this much yarn is good. There is definitely more yarn than I should have time to knit; however, should major knitting get accomplished, I should have plenty.

On the rare chance that I use up all that yarn… at least almost all of my Christmas knitting will be done. I would have just one more pair of socks to complete and plenty of time to do it.

Now I will search for patterns to make sure I have enough interesting things to knit while I am there.

Should be a fun trip.

Oh, and my birthday is finally here… I’m one more year older. (well… not that old.)
I’m so proud of myself for not spending my new birthday money on yarn. (This will happen while I am on Christmas break and I have time to stalk the mailman.) The ultimate goal is to save money, and only buy yarn if it is really needed. ex: I have no sock yarn! Buy sock yarn. I have no lace-weight! Buy lace-weight yarn. I’m going to try to stick to this. Key word: try.




4 responses

22 11 2006

Happy Birthday, and Happy Vacation, and Happy Sock Yarn to you!

22 11 2006

Happy Birthday and hope your vacation is great!

23 11 2006

Happy Birthday and have a wonderful vaca!

23 11 2006

Happy Birthday and I hope you get total uninterrupted knitting time on your vacation and need to buy more yarn! 😉

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