Knitting Resolutions

30 12 2006

Maybe if I write them down I’ll keep them? 

Knitting Resolutions: 

1. Get yarn down to two bins by September (That was a goal I set last September. I don’t think it’s going to happen but I’m going to try the best I can. As long as the stash goes down a little, I’ll consider it an accomplishment.)   This whole Knit from the stash 2007 should really help with that though.2. Participate in the KALs that I sign up for. Or at least as much as I can seeing as how college tends to get in the way of my fun. Stupid school work.

3. Start Christmas presents early (maybe summer), and don’t make things where I have to worry about peoples sizes. (aka. DON’T TRY TO KNIT EVERYONE SOCKS. Scarves are good, possibly some stuff knit out of handspun.)

4.  Knit with my handspun.  It will not melt if I try to work with it….. I should not be so afraid of it… really.


fun fur hats and christmas gifts.

29 12 2006

christmasMy boyfriend came over on the 26th to give me my present.  I was house sitting yesterday and just keep forgetting to blog about it.  He got me a hand crocheted purse and some tea.  Apparently the velcro in the purse was messed up when he bought it, but he didn’t notice until he got back to Pittsburg, so his aunt saved the day and fixed it for him.  She also tacked it down so the liner wouldn’t rip out.  What nice relatives he has.  I like the bag though, perfect size for small knitting items.  You can all see where my priority is.  haha. 

Oh, and I finished the purple fun fur hat last night.

funfurhatPattern:  Basic hat.  Do some ribbing, knit for awhile, decrease, finished.

Yarn: Fun Fur (color violet), red heart (color dark orchid), and some caron simply soft (color lemonade).  ACRYLIC!  yay!

I used a big circular and did the whole magic loop method, it was so much fun that it took me no time at all to make it.  It was quite shocking.  😀

Blanket Square

27 12 2006

square14I finished square #14.  Took me a couple months cause I neglected it quite badly, but it’s done.  Didn’t take long either.

 Now what’s left on the needles:

  • Candle Flame Shawl
  • Binary Scarf
  • Baby blanket
  • Purple fun fur hat (that was completely frogged the other day)
  • Crocheted afgahn

Not too bad… I’m sure it could be much worse.  I’m dying to cast on for a pair of socks but I’m waiting till the sock marathon starts on January 1st.  I figure I have enough stuff I can work on.  😀

Sock Marathon 2007

25 12 2006

I’m doing the Lime & Violet Sock Marathon 2007.  Basically we add up all the mileage of sock yarn, set a goal to see how many miles we can knit, and go for it!

Sock YarnI believe it is for three months, but all the fancy details and such will be discussed in the first January podcast.   So if you don’t listen to LnV, I highly recommend you go over and start listening now.  They are really funny.  They do say the occasional bad word, so if that bothers you, perhaps you shouldn’t go listen.
 So for this sock marathon I had to take a picture of my sock yarn stash.  Here it is, all 4.95 miles of it.  My goal is to knit 2 miles, we’ll see how that goes.  Wow I have a lot of sock yarn.  Hopefully I’ll really get a chance to work through it this year between the LnV marathon and the sockncat

Knit from your Stash 2007.  Kitty included for scale.  That shows you just how huge my cat really is.

Autumn in Oregon socks.

24 12 2006

Autumn in OregonPattern: Autumn in Oregon by Chrissy Gardiner

Yarn:  Knit Picks Memories

These socks are gorgeous.  I love them.  They’re being gifted to my Autumn in Oregonmom.  😀

Oh, and here’s a picture of the cuff of the sock.  It has little leaves on it!  AH!  It’s so cute.

Click for bigger pictures!

Binary Scarf

24 12 2006

Binary Scarf

I’ve been working on the scarf for my boyfriend.  It’s coming along.  I’ve got plenty of time to finish it before his birthday.  He’s been on vacation for the past week so I’ve had lots of knitting time.  My goal, is to find enough time to work on this scarf when he isn’t around.  We’ll see how that goes.  😉


Who has the coolest SP8 pal ever?

18 12 2006


Yes… SP8 is loooong over, but I got something in the mail today.

I’ve been awaitng some sock yarn that I’m supposed to test knit, so it was a complete shock when I realized it was from Valerie my old SP8 pal. I knew I liked her.

Color is called Christmas Tree and it’s from Matahari Spinnery. Very, very pretty stuff. I’m half tempted to start spinning now since it IS a christmas color.

I love you Valerie!