Getting rid of Junk.

2 12 2006

I threw away fiber today.

Yes, Fiber.

I had been spinning this up for awhile now, and I was amazed that the fibers were so short, and the shed everywhere. I kept spinning though and had almost two bobbins full of a very, very thin yarn. Today I started plying it. It was so, horribly scratchy. That and it was shedding all over me again.

Why on earth and I wasting my time spinning and plying yarn that I just wouldn’t want to knit with. It’s gross and scratchy. Most of the wool in the bag I bought was like this so I gave up. It went to the trash. I thought about passing it along to someone, but it was just too bad.

This fiber was bought at my first fiber festival, so I figure I just had no clue what I was doing back then. It was cheap fiber, I thought I was getting a deal. nope. I got crap. 😀

So then I drug out the massive (probably around a pound) bag of fiber that I got also at the first fiber fest. Same bag of crap. But this bag of crap looked much better from the outside so I had higher expectations for it. It smelled really bad, and felt horrible, like it hadn’t really been cleaned properly. In fact I’m sure it smelled because it hadn’t been washed right. This could have been fixed, but the fibers were just so short at some points it wasn’t worth it.

I’m only buying roving from now on. It’s a bit expensive for a reason. I’ve realized that.

Of course, these bags of crap were also purchased when I was only using Red Heart yarn. Ah.. how things have changed.

1202.jpgAfter purging my room of all nasty old fiber that wasn’t worth my time I decided to ply some fiber I had been spinning on my drop spindle. It’s some Cherry Tree Hill roving, and I’m still in complete love with the color. 20 yards. Not bad for 3 ply on a drop spindle.

The drop spindle is a pain though. I don’t mind spinning on it, but I hate trying to get the yarn off the spindle once it’s spun. If anyone knows how to solve this little issue let me know.

It’s navajo plied and it’s still really, really thin. I think I’m going to spin the rest of this up on the wheel.




2 responses

2 12 2006

but but but.. you could have passed it on to me as junky practice fiber!!! WAHHHHHH!!!!

5 12 2006
Sharon G.

gah! You threw it all away??
Well, at least you can start from scratch now. (ooh, that was almost a bad pun)

As for the Christmas knitting – girl, you should always enjoy your knitting. Besides, handknit stuff is so special, people can wait a few extra weeks for their prezzies.

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