More Acrylic!

17 12 2006

12171.jpgBought some acrylic today. All with projects in mind though.

The massive pound of acrylic are going into an afgahn for me. I already have an afgahn, but it’s just to small so I’m going to start on a massive one cause I get really cold at night. 😀

12172.jpgAlso some TLC which is going to be a scarf for my boyfriend. He wants the binary scarf from the latest knitty. You know.. he hasn’t even seen a picture of the scarf, but he wants it because it’s in binary, and he’s a computer science major or something like that. He likes the computer stuff.

Also because I promised a picture of the recently completed handspun…..

12173.jpgTa dA! It’s pretty. The colors in the picture are very exact too.

It’s 100% alpaca from Moonlight Meadow Farm and I bought it off them at the fiber fest last summer. Gorgeous stuff… 3oz… 310yards.

I wanted to make a hat, but the stuff is definitely a sock weight yarn. Makes me mad. I made it 3 ply hoping that I would get a worsted/light worsted, but no… sock weight.

I guess I just need to spin stuff a little thicker. I’m thinking it might make nice scarf though, maybe lacy. 310 yards should be enough for a scarf right? Opinions are welcome!

Well.. I’m off to start my acrylic afghan. I’ll post when I actually have something to show.. hehe.




2 responses

18 12 2006

Ooh, your handspun is looking great!

24 12 2006

Hee… no way would I show the binary scarf to my boyfriend because he’d definitely want one (he’s also computer science) but I don’t like knitting with more than one color!


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