Sock Marathon 2007

25 12 2006

I’m doing the Lime & Violet Sock Marathon 2007.  Basically we add up all the mileage of sock yarn, set a goal to see how many miles we can knit, and go for it!

Sock YarnI believe it is for three months, but all the fancy details and such will be discussed in the first January podcast.   So if you don’t listen to LnV, I highly recommend you go over and start listening now.  They are really funny.  They do say the occasional bad word, so if that bothers you, perhaps you shouldn’t go listen.
 So for this sock marathon I had to take a picture of my sock yarn stash.  Here it is, all 4.95 miles of it.  My goal is to knit 2 miles, we’ll see how that goes.  Wow I have a lot of sock yarn.  Hopefully I’ll really get a chance to work through it this year between the LnV marathon and the sockncat

Knit from your Stash 2007.  Kitty included for scale.  That shows you just how huge my cat really is.




2 responses

26 12 2006
Valerie in San Diego

what a cute cat!
what a great stash 🙂

26 12 2006

what a fun marathon…good luck reaching your goal!
hey, i listened to them one day and enjoyed it. now do they post every day?

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