fun fur hats and christmas gifts.

29 12 2006

christmasMy boyfriend came over on the 26th to give me my present.  I was house sitting yesterday and just keep forgetting to blog about it.  He got me a hand crocheted purse and some tea.  Apparently the velcro in the purse was messed up when he bought it, but he didn’t notice until he got back to Pittsburg, so his aunt saved the day and fixed it for him.  She also tacked it down so the liner wouldn’t rip out.  What nice relatives he has.  I like the bag though, perfect size for small knitting items.  You can all see where my priority is.  haha. 

Oh, and I finished the purple fun fur hat last night.

funfurhatPattern:  Basic hat.  Do some ribbing, knit for awhile, decrease, finished.

Yarn: Fun Fur (color violet), red heart (color dark orchid), and some caron simply soft (color lemonade).  ACRYLIC!  yay!

I used a big circular and did the whole magic loop method, it was so much fun that it took me no time at all to make it.  It was quite shocking.  😀



One response

29 12 2006

Very nice present – always nice to have knitting bags! Cute hat!

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