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17 01 2007

Went to the knitting group up at the Cuyahoga Falls Panera… fun group that is.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make it when school isn’t getting in the way and destroying my life.

 Speaking of Destroying my LIFE!  WHERE DID ALL MY PICTURES GO! AH!

I knew my blog aniversary was coming up so I went and clicked on an older post to check the date (it was last friday)… see… school’s kicking my butt…. and all my pictures from before I switched to wordpress… GONE.  This makes me very mad because I know, that when I switched from blogger… they were all there.  Now.. I don’t know.  Hopefully they’ll all magically reappear by themselves, and if not I might go back to my old blog, save all the pictures and re-upload them.  A whole YEAR of photos…….ugh.. Hopefully they’ll be back by the weekend.

sockI’ve made sock progress.  I’m just starting the heel.  I’m going to bed now… I really need sleep.

 ETA: Literally one second after I uploaded this post… they all reappeared……..My day is made I can sleep peacefully now.

ETA: Cleared the cookies went to try it again (just to ensure it wasn’t a fluke).  It’s a fluke!  I’ve known before that blogger pictures usually don’t work when things are hyperlinked… but I’ve always seen them working okay on here before, but if I clicked from my old blog over to here… i wouldn’t have noticed the problem cause the pictures and what not were stored somewhere in computer land.  BUT it isn’t working so it’ll be fixed when I find the time to go to my blogger, save all the old pictures, and upload them here.  This could prove quite interesting and won’t happen till I have a little free time… or perhaps I’ll do a few each day.  We will see.




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18 01 2007

Glad you could come to the group! I think Blogger still has issues which could be part of the problem. Study on!

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