Socktopia SOCKS! not finished.

27 01 2007

Yup… I’ve been working away on my Socktopia socks and my boyfriends birthday present.  Both items need finished by the end of the month.

 Good news:

  • Boyfriends scarf only has 24 more rows!

Bad news:

  • half way done with the socktopia socks… meaning I have to finish a whole sock by Wednesday.  Don’t think that’s happening.

dsc01366.JPGHere is a close up!  I chose the snowflakes and starry skies theme….  I made little knit/purl snowflakes and added beads for the stars. Of course I used dark yarn (I wanted it to look somewhat like the night sky, and I was using stash.) so of course the snowflakes don’t show up unless you really look for them.  But I don’t care because I made them up myself and it’s mine! muahaha!

Cross your fingers and they’ll be finished!  The first one took about a week and a half so if I really rush… it might happen.



3 responses

27 01 2007

I can see a snowflake. Those are great colors, too.

28 01 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Ooh, I like the pattern.

29 01 2007

Very nice! Good Job!

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