Peekaboo Mittens

7 02 2007

peekaboo mittensFinished the Peekaboo mittens today, I’m going to wear them tomorrow so my hands don’t freeze.

Pattern: Peekaboo Mittens from February ’07 Magknits

Yarn: Red Heart that’s been hanging out in the stash for a year now.

Modifications: Tons were made.  I had perfect gauge and followed the pattern exactly.  Truth was it was big, so either my hands are freakishly small or I just like tight fitting mittens so here were the changes I made.  Cuff: CO 34.  Then I did an extra 4 rows of stockinette before I started the thumb gusset.  Thumb gusset: I did a K15 instead of the K18(22) in the pattern. And when instructed to repeat the previous 2 rounds… I only repeated once which gave me 7 stitches for the thumb.  Base of hand: I placed the first marker 19 stitches into the round and did the rest according to the pattern.  Finger opening: I didn’t repeat the ribbing 3 more times, I only did 2 because I liked it better that way.  Mitten top:  I repeated the decrease rounds 4 times more instead of the 5(6), and ended up with 14 stitches that I grafted together.  Thumb:  I picked up 6 stitches and followed the pattern through.  For the left mitten I did the thumb gusset with the initial K15 (just like the right).  Then for the base of the hand I did a K3 before the first pm and followed the rest of the pattern through.

 It’s a great pattern.  I’ll definitely make some more in the future.




4 responses

7 02 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Your mittens came out cute!!

8 02 2007

I think you’re ready to make those mittens from your handspun!

7pm Thursday – hockey game on FSN Ohio!

9 02 2007

Hey, I’m so glad to see you made a pair of Peekaboos! I definitely intended the pattern to be easily modifiable to fit various hand sizes and finger lengths – it seems like you had no trouble at all, and that makes me happy! There’s a knitalong now, too, please join up if you like!

10 02 2007

Very nice. Nice job! 🙂

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