Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival

11 02 2007

I went for a spindle and fiber, I came back with only fiber.  Grafton Fibers wasn’t there so no spindle for me.  However, I did speak with the owner of Seaport Yarn and she said she’d get the spindle that I was looking for and send it my ways.  She’s a Grafton vendor.  😀 I’m pumped. 

DSC01395So I got some GREAT deals on roving.  Kitty cat is included for scale.  Keep in mind he is a BIG kat, about 15lbs and not considered over weight.  Being big is in his nature apparently.

First off, the Cherry Tree Hill.  I love this stuff.  Oh the colors.  You pay for the colors in the price though.  I’ve never seen this for much less than $25 for 8 oz.  It’s soooo worth it though.

DSC01394Next up is a Jelly Roll wool batt that I got from Decadent Fibers. Again with the gorgeousness.  1lb.  It has dark blue and a lighter blue and it’s swirled around.  My boyfriend picked it out because he liked the colors, so I think he’ll get a hat from this.  In fact he picked out a lot of the colors I ended up with.  It’s kinda like when I went to Great Lakes fiber fest and my mom gave me her opinion on colors so I bought what she liked… this time I bought what my BF liked.  lol.  Although the Cherry Tree Hill something I wanted.
DSC01389Next up.  3lbs of Lincoln wool roving.  Only $12 a pound.  I had to get it.  The orange one has some mohair in it as well.  It was purchased from the nicest lady who has a farm with 70+ sheep.  She was also selling some angora rabbits which were so cute.

I think I scare my cat just a bit. He looked terrified by the end of my photo shoot. hehe.DSC01391




4 responses

11 02 2007

oh the glory of these fibers… you did well! I can’t wait to see the deliciousness spun into stunning yarns. Enjoy!

12 02 2007
Dipsy D.

My gosh, these fibers are so amazing, I’m totally in love with these colours and can’t wait to see it spun up by you!

13 02 2007

Those are vibrant. Whoa 🙂

13 02 2007

Love the colors! Sounds like you had a blast! 🙂

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