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20 02 2007

socksEver since they didn’t get finished for January I just neglected them.  I’ve gotten off my butt though and I’m determined to finish them before the end of February.

Speaking of socks, I joined sock madness.  It looks like fun, but signups are closed now.  The supply list was posted today so I went through what I already had and what I still needed.  So I ordered the sock yarn I needed for 3 of the pairs of socks.

stashLast moday after buying lots of fiber I decided I didn’t want my lavender moth balls anymore.  They don’t smell too great.  I ordered some REAL lavender.  I hope by just taking the lid off my yarn bins I’ll get that icky moth ball smell out.  😀

Picture of stash airing!  YAY!

Now I’m off to stress about projects!  I had a nice long weekend.  Had today and yesterday off.  I planned on getting lots done this weekend, but had a funeral for my grandpa instead.  Not fun.  I’ve been in one of those “I don’t want to do anything” moods since mid last week, when we knew he was going fast.

Apparently I deal with stress by buying yarn and tea…all I’ve done this weekend was add items to my wish list.  It’s starting to grow out of control.




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21 02 2007

Blog! Different!
I still love those Socktopia socks. I adore that colorway.

Lene says that wool ‘cleans itself’ in the snow. If it’s still below freezing, you should sit your tubs outside for a few hours, maybe spread the yarn out on the bin lids or even on some snow.

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