Sock Madness yarn

5 03 2007

more sock yarn!I’ve got all my sock yarn for Sock Madness collected.

This is the new stuff I ordered because I didn’t have any sport weight varigated in my stash (that wasn’t acrylic) and because I didn’t have any solids and varigateds that went together.  Left to right is Knitpicks Palette in Mist, Memories in Redwood Forest, Essential in Black, Memories in Smores, and Lisa Souza Super Sport (it’s superwash merino!) in Mars Quake.  I’m using some of my solids and varigateds from the stash but I’ll figure out what I want to use when I get the patterns.  😀

Went to talk to the surgeon this morning…. I’m getting my wisdom teeth out the morning after my last exam.  I’m leaving in a few minutes to go get a shot too!  What a fun morning!  Then I’m going to lunch with grandma and we’re going to go explore the yarn store in Cuyahoga Falls.  I’m LnV swap shopping.  I’ve never been there before so I’ll let you know how that goes.

It was decided last weekend that I CANNOT buy any more yarn/fiber because I have to much.  I told myself I needed to get all the stuff I owned into my bins… nothing can be purchased unless it will fit into a bin.  Of course I said that I can’t buy, but I can still go get things for other people since I did sign up for some swaps.  And people who ended up with my name for a swap are more than welcome to send fiber things my way.  😀  This includes fiber fests… I won’t be allowed to go unless there is room for stuff to be brought home… because I know I can’t just go to look.




3 responses

5 03 2007

Yummy yarn! I’ve seen that Smores up close n personal I purchased for a swap too. I have the purple one… (can’t think of the name) and fly fishing. Anyhow, good luck with your Fiber Diet… You’ve got more will power than me 🙂

7 03 2007

Nice sock yarn! I have the same yarn (Redwood Forest) but haven’t used it yet. Good luck containing your stash expansion – I tried that and found that I just bought more bins!

7 03 2007


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