Sock Madness

11 03 2007

Sock MadnessWell sock madness started yesterday morning… I found the e-mail with the pattern in my mailbox at 8:30am ish and proceeded with winding my yarn into a ball.  Then I had to run errands and didn’t get around to working on it until much later.  I was distracted by my spinning wheel during this time as well.  So I logged onto the flickr group and saw that there were people already done with the first sock!  I only had half of a toe.  I worked on it at my friends house last night… got a stripe done… realized it was way to small… ripped back…  increased… and started on the foot again.

I’m making decent progress.  At the end of day two I’m almost to the heel.  There are already several people completely done, so I need to get working.  Unfortunatley for me I’m a student and school/homework/work will most likely get in the way.  I will try my best though.

Went to the Cuyahoga Falls knitting group last wednesday at panera.  Had a lot of fun.  My drive last Monday up the the knitting store located in the same city was okay.  They had a lot of yarn but I didn’t really get a chance to look at it since I didn’t have all the time in the world to kill.  Not much as far as spinning fiber goes, but no one around here has much variety in spinning fiber.




2 responses

13 03 2007

I’m glad you had fun at the sip & knit. Cool color on those socks! I wonder too how the others got their first sock done. As I am typing I glanced over to the right and I see a bunny cat. How cute !!

24 03 2007

Nice socks and great blog.

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