More Acrylic!

18 03 2007

acrylic and cottonWent to JoAnns… I’m going to be making another one of these purses for the previous recipient’s sister.  This one will use the dark blue purchased today and the lighter blue red heart yarn that I have allergy issues with.  This should be fun!  The first purse was hell… hopefully this one will go smoother.

Also purchased was some dishcloth cotton.  I’d been talking to the sisters I tutor about facecloths and how would could add those to our little list of stuff I could make them for getting their work done in a timely matter.  They are obsessed with the pink/brown colors.  I’m quite attracted to them myself, so when I saw pink/brown dishcloth cotton I purchased three of them.  I didn’t think brown dishcloth cotton existed but told them when I found it I’d grab some for facecloths.  Trying to find a home for the new yarn is another problem.  I just have too much right now.  I need to get knitting… and spinning to turn the fiber that’s taking over the house into yarn which can be knit or sold.  The spinning guild said I could sell my handspun at their table that they have at a little craft thing every year around Christmas, so I’m going to spin up some yarn and if I don’t use it for myself or for gifts, I’ll tag it up and see if it sells.  If not, fine, I like all the yarn anyways.  If it sells, great.  😀  I can always put it up on etsy or something if I feel like it later.

Also purchased today, a set of sock DPNs in sizes 000, 00, 0, and 1US.  I had ones but not any of the 0s so it’s nice to have some more.  I’m thinking these will be useful for the lace doilies I really want to make too.  Can’t beat the price $10 for all 4 sets of 5 needles.  😀




2 responses

19 03 2007

Can’t wait to see it, and that was a GOOD deal!

19 03 2007

Good job shopping. Can’t wait to see the the finish!

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