I love socks.

28 03 2007

sockI love socks… I really, really love socks.

These are the ones that have been living in my purse for the past month or so.  They go to school, knitting groups, and wherever else I end up.

It’s a Regia yarn, and I’m starting to find I favor superwash sock yarns because they just feel like they’ll hold up better.  My other Regia socks…still look brand new.  I haven’t worn them much for fear they’ll explode when worn, but I think I just need to live in my socks so I can find out which yarns work best and hold up to wear.  I love the knitpicks cause it’s soo cheap, but my sisters socks (that were really my moms) have felted like no other so I’m starting to consider other stuff.  I’ve got some trekking that I’m wanting to use, I’ve heard so many great things about opal lately too.  I think I’m starting to get addicted to the German sock yarns.  lol.  The yarn may not be the softest in the world… but when I knit socks with it I feel like it would hold up very well.  I need to knit through my stash so I can get new exciting sock yarns.  My never ending list of yarn is growing.  lol.




3 responses

28 03 2007

I just LOVE that sock! Beautiful!

28 03 2007

soooooo pretty!!!!!

28 03 2007
Valerie in San Diego

This looks great. I love the intermittent stripe thing!

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