um…more roving…

30 04 2007

BFLYea… So I’ve been on a bit of a spending binge lately. Ordered 4 oz of BFL from someone that I chat with online. She’s just getting her etsy store started up so I decided I’d buy a braid of roving. I’m REALLY glad I did.  I’ve never purchased BFL before, but I’ve been wanting some because It’s SOOOO soft.  I can’t wait to spin this stuff up, but I’ve got so much more that needs spun up first.

I’ve got a skein of sock yarn on the way that I ordered from  She had a big update last Friday and I think only has one skein left in her shop.  I got my color I wanted, and now I’m on a massive yarn/fiber diet.  There will be exceptions though for the Great Lakes Fiber Show. I can’t wait for that to come around!  I’m going to buy some fiber when I’m there but I only take cash with me so that I won’t spent TOO much.  I’m hoping to stick with some of the nicer fibers likes silk.



26 04 2007

LnV rovingI got some roving in the mail today! I was in the right place at the right time when they updated and was able to grab some of the roving. It’s just gorgeous!

I need to get the rest of my stash spun so I can get to spinning my good stuff. That and I’ve recently been coveting the Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club thingy… My dream is to use up the stash so I can sign up, cause the price on the fiber club is not bad at all!


23 04 2007

artsy yarnI ordered this a week or so ago.  It was quick to get here once shipped, it just took awhile for paypal to take the money from my bank account and such, but that’s pretty typical.

I got it off of  Pretty pretty stuff.  I think my picture is pretty accurate too.  It looks lighter on her site but still… gorgeous!  It’s a zephyr base too, same stuff Lornas uses for their lace.  Now I just need the perfect shawl pattern.  Any recomendations?


19 04 2007

cool regia socks...So I sat down to fix the cast off tonight.  It was starting to drive me crazy and I figured I’d do it before I started studying for my German final exam which is tomorrow.

Cast off fixed!  Sock done!  and it doesn’t fit.  I pulled and tug and got it on… and it was just stretched… I could have sat for awhile and pretended it fit but that’s just a waste of time.  Rather than frog it I’m giving it to my little sister.  She’s practically destroyed those red socks that I gave my mom for Christmas last year. (she stole them from mom.)  They’re almost completely felted from her wearing them for days at a time.  This sock fits her perfectly, I had to cram it on her foot to make sure.  She can’t bend over since the car wreck she was in yesterday.  Who knows when I’ll get it’s mate done.  I’ve got TOO many socks on the needles right now to think about making a partner for this.

My woolee winder.

14 04 2007

woolee winderI got a new toy today.  My woolee winder for my Ashford Joy.  It finally came after one month of waiting.  He told me sometime before Easter it was going to ship the next day, but somewhere after that it was misplaced and never got sent.  So he shipped it this week and it arrived in no time at all.  It’s definitley entertaining.  And it’s nice because I can put my wheel under my desk and spin without having to worry about moving the yarn around the hooks on the flyer.

Knitter’s Fantasy was today.  I didn’t go because of work… then work called this morning and said I wasn’t needed.  I thought about dropping everything and rushing up to the festival, but decided to stay at home, get homework done, and play with the new toy.  I have more than enough fiber to entertain me for a year.  I really don’t need any more right now.

Easter Weekend.

9 04 2007

Much spinning and knitting was done over the weekend.

I don’t want to show the spinning, because if the person I’m spoiling for SP10 runs across my blog it may ruin my secret.  😀

socksThe knitting though I can show.  I’ve ALMOST finished the first Regia sock.  I say almost because I have to redo the cast off.  See, I worked on this at my friends house, and they wanted to watch a scary movie.  I can’t handle scary movies, so I sat with my head completely bent over my knitting.  In the dark.  I’m proud of myself for not screwing up the p2k2 ribbing, although a stitch was dropped somewhere along the cast off edge.  The edge is just too loose as well.  I’ll go back and fix it when I get a chance.  As far as the second sock?  I have no clue when I’m going to start it.  Not because I have SSS, but because I have 2 other socks already on the needles.  Since I want to give the other socks as gifts I need to make them first priority, especially since I only knit when I’m not at home.  Right now, with school being crazy, my at home time is spent doing homework and spinning.  Maybe when school is over I’ll find more time to knit at home.

socksSo Sunday I went with my boyfriend and his family to Pittsburgh for Easter.  I worked on my Dad’s sock on the way over and after dinner a little.  I’ve got the foot completed and I’ve just begun working on the heel.  I’m starting to think about Christmas gifts already and I think I’m going to start ordering yarn for gifts during finals week.  Then I’ll have all summer to work on the gifts.  Hopefully I’ll get a good start this year.  I’ve got a goal to make a bunch of socks.  Maybe a few other things.  We’ll see how much time I really have.

More handspun!

7 04 2007

new handspunLook!  Something sorta worth showing.

There hasn’t been tons of knitting, school is killing me right now.  I have 9 days of class left, and 3 projects looming…  Plus finals!  WOO!  <sarcasm>

My room is a mess… and my sister cleaned her’s yesterday so it looks amazing.  I’m jealous, so I organized my tea.  If I have one cup of tea every day I probably have enough for at least 2 years.  I adore tea though, and I like have a variety.tea

I NEED to do my homework and work on all the projects, I just don’t have the energy to keep up with the junk that needs to be done before this month is over.

I want to sit and play with fiber all day… not do homework.  I’m looking forward to the day I get a real job, go to work all day, but am able to do other things in the evenings.  No more ridiculous projects.

So I ordered a woolee winder about a month ago and have been waiting for it.  I was told last Tuesday that it shipped via priority mail and would be here by the end of the week.  Guess what… it’s Saturday and there was no woolee winder in the mail today.  Hopefully it’ll show up Monday.  😀

In knitting I’m ::this:: close to finishing the white striped socks.  I’m going to my friends tonight, and on an all day trip with my boyfriend’s family on Sunday.  So there will be lots of knitting to show after all that.  When I’m at home I spin.  When I’m not… it’s all about the yarn.