More handspun!

7 04 2007

new handspunLook!  Something sorta worth showing.

There hasn’t been tons of knitting, school is killing me right now.  I have 9 days of class left, and 3 projects looming…  Plus finals!  WOO!  <sarcasm>

My room is a mess… and my sister cleaned her’s yesterday so it looks amazing.  I’m jealous, so I organized my tea.  If I have one cup of tea every day I probably have enough for at least 2 years.  I adore tea though, and I like have a variety.tea

I NEED to do my homework and work on all the projects, I just don’t have the energy to keep up with the junk that needs to be done before this month is over.

I want to sit and play with fiber all day… not do homework.  I’m looking forward to the day I get a real job, go to work all day, but am able to do other things in the evenings.  No more ridiculous projects.

So I ordered a woolee winder about a month ago and have been waiting for it.  I was told last Tuesday that it shipped via priority mail and would be here by the end of the week.  Guess what… it’s Saturday and there was no woolee winder in the mail today.  Hopefully it’ll show up Monday.  😀

In knitting I’m ::this:: close to finishing the white striped socks.  I’m going to my friends tonight, and on an all day trip with my boyfriend’s family on Sunday.  So there will be lots of knitting to show after all that.  When I’m at home I spin.  When I’m not… it’s all about the yarn.




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7 04 2007

Nice selection of tea. Very nicely arranged. Have a wonderful Easter!

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