Easter Weekend.

9 04 2007

Much spinning and knitting was done over the weekend.

I don’t want to show the spinning, because if the person I’m spoiling for SP10 runs across my blog it may ruin my secret.  😀

socksThe knitting though I can show.  I’ve ALMOST finished the first Regia sock.  I say almost because I have to redo the cast off.  See, I worked on this at my friends house, and they wanted to watch a scary movie.  I can’t handle scary movies, so I sat with my head completely bent over my knitting.  In the dark.  I’m proud of myself for not screwing up the p2k2 ribbing, although a stitch was dropped somewhere along the cast off edge.  The edge is just too loose as well.  I’ll go back and fix it when I get a chance.  As far as the second sock?  I have no clue when I’m going to start it.  Not because I have SSS, but because I have 2 other socks already on the needles.  Since I want to give the other socks as gifts I need to make them first priority, especially since I only knit when I’m not at home.  Right now, with school being crazy, my at home time is spent doing homework and spinning.  Maybe when school is over I’ll find more time to knit at home.

socksSo Sunday I went with my boyfriend and his family to Pittsburgh for Easter.  I worked on my Dad’s sock on the way over and after dinner a little.  I’ve got the foot completed and I’ve just begun working on the heel.  I’m starting to think about Christmas gifts already and I think I’m going to start ordering yarn for gifts during finals week.  Then I’ll have all summer to work on the gifts.  Hopefully I’ll get a good start this year.  I’ve got a goal to make a bunch of socks.  Maybe a few other things.  We’ll see how much time I really have.




One response

11 04 2007

Very nice. Has all this snow lately got you to thinking about Christmas already?? Are you going to KF ? it was kinda obivious that I am virginal when it comes to spinning huh?! 🙂

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