My woolee winder.

14 04 2007

woolee winderI got a new toy today.  My woolee winder for my Ashford Joy.  It finally came after one month of waiting.  He told me sometime before Easter it was going to ship the next day, but somewhere after that it was misplaced and never got sent.  So he shipped it this week and it arrived in no time at all.  It’s definitley entertaining.  And it’s nice because I can put my wheel under my desk and spin without having to worry about moving the yarn around the hooks on the flyer.

Knitter’s Fantasy was today.  I didn’t go because of work… then work called this morning and said I wasn’t needed.  I thought about dropping everything and rushing up to the festival, but decided to stay at home, get homework done, and play with the new toy.  I have more than enough fiber to entertain me for a year.  I really don’t need any more right now.



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14 04 2007

ohhh new toys!

14 04 2007

Pretty new toy! I just got a drop CD spindle.. one toy at a time for me! LOL. Dude!! You missed a great show!! It was packed with people, but the classes broke it up some so you were able to shop leisurely. P.s. the class roving was “suffolk” sheep.. I should of mentioned that. Suffolk must be some breed. She said the man that has the sheep knows which sheep give good roving… sounds freaky to me but what the hay! You better pencil KF in next year. I have an extra coupon $2 off for the PGH show next year. Let me know if you want it.

18 04 2007
Dipsy D.

Ahhh, this woolie winder looks awesome! Yay for new toys!

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