19 04 2007

cool regia socks...So I sat down to fix the cast off tonight.  It was starting to drive me crazy and I figured I’d do it before I started studying for my German final exam which is tomorrow.

Cast off fixed!  Sock done!  and it doesn’t fit.  I pulled and tug and got it on… and it was just stretched… I could have sat for awhile and pretended it fit but that’s just a waste of time.  Rather than frog it I’m giving it to my little sister.  She’s practically destroyed those red socks that I gave my mom for Christmas last year. (she stole them from mom.)  They’re almost completely felted from her wearing them for days at a time.  This sock fits her perfectly, I had to cram it on her foot to make sure.  She can’t bend over since the car wreck she was in yesterday.  Who knows when I’ll get it’s mate done.  I’ve got TOO many socks on the needles right now to think about making a partner for this.




2 responses

20 04 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Yikes! I hope she heals fast! At least she’ll have a sock to cheer her up while she’s getting over her car accident.

20 04 2007

Sorry to hear about your sister and your German final (good luck) and your sock. Man, it sucks when your cuff is too tight. Hopefully your sister will get better faster because you’re making her some new socks. 😀

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