um…more roving…

30 04 2007

BFLYea… So I’ve been on a bit of a spending binge lately. Ordered 4 oz of BFL from someone that I chat with online. She’s just getting her etsy store started up so I decided I’d buy a braid of roving. I’m REALLY glad I did.  I’ve never purchased BFL before, but I’ve been wanting some because It’s SOOOO soft.  I can’t wait to spin this stuff up, but I’ve got so much more that needs spun up first.

I’ve got a skein of sock yarn on the way that I ordered from  She had a big update last Friday and I think only has one skein left in her shop.  I got my color I wanted, and now I’m on a massive yarn/fiber diet.  There will be exceptions though for the Great Lakes Fiber Show. I can’t wait for that to come around!  I’m going to buy some fiber when I’m there but I only take cash with me so that I won’t spent TOO much.  I’m hoping to stick with some of the nicer fibers likes silk.



3 responses

1 05 2007

I love the colors in that roving!

2 05 2007

I so need to get better at spinning so that I can play with pretty stuff like that! Beautiful!

28 07 2007
CTH. Check. « Kraftie

[…] Done done done!  I finished this last bit of plying up Thursday night and started in on the first 4 oz of BFL that I bought from Dragon Fibers.  That stuff is dreamy.  I’m in love with the BFL and the […]

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