28 05 2007

My sister finished her art project.  Mixed media project of me knitting… is she great or what?
sister's art project


The art project

27 05 2007

I’m such a bad blogger… and I’m sure I’ve said that before.  Recently the only thing I’ve been posting about was new yarns and fibers that I have aquired, because I started to worry that me showing the same project over and over and over and over again would bore the heck out of the 4 people who probably read my blog.  Part of the reason my knitting doesn’t progress very fast is because I’ve got about 5 project on the needles right now.  I’ve decided that the whole point of a knitting/spinning/crochet blog is to SHOW the stuff WHILE I’m working on it so I’m going to try to post more often maybe 2-3 times a week.

So my sister started a new project for her art class a few weeks ago and decided she wanted it to be of me knitting.  I know… great eh?  Well she was doing a lot with black and white… so the yarn I’m knitting with had to be black and white.  Lucky for her my boyfriend got a black and white binary scarf for his birthday so I knew there was lots of black and white acrylic in my stash that I could give her so she can glue it to her project.

the art projectSo I started this scarf.  I wanted something plain and basic that wouldn’t involve a lot of brain power so I grabbed a 10 sided dice (yay for gaming), and a pair of size 10 knitting needles.  Roll the dice, knit that number of garter stitch bump thingies, and repeat with the next color.  Her project is due Tuesday so apparently I have to get this scarf done this weekend.  I didn’t realize the deadline was this close until she mentioned it yeasterday… I also didn’t realize she wanted a 3 foot long scarf.

Great Lakes Fiber Show 2007

26 05 2007

So Denise came over and we went Fiber Festing today… oh fun times.  My mom and grandma came along too but our wanting too look at fiber bored them a bit so they went off ahead on their own.  Great Lakes Fiber Show gets better and better every year… especially if you know your stuff when it comes to fiber.  The more I learn about the quality of certain fiber the more I realize that they have some GREAT deals at this festival.

I tried to bring home an angora again… the lovely lady at Sheep Haven…. She let me hold one of the males…. I didn’t want to give him back.

Great Lakes 2007Fiber fest way today… it went quite well.  The top left is some superwash fiber from Sheep Shed Studio.  They go buy mill ends off of Brown Sheep and they’ve got tons of stuff for great prices.  You can’t beat superwash roving at $12 a pound… and I didn’t have to pay shipping from Wyoming either.  😀  Next to the roving on the right is some Angel Face laceweight from Briar Rose Fibers.  Further to the right… trekking… of course.  Under the trekking (the bright blue shiney stuff) is 5.8oz of some soysilk.  Next to the soy silk are 3, 1/2 oz silk caps in similar colors which is hard to tell from the photo and on the other side of that is 3, 1/2 oz silk hankies.  One of the hankies is dyed, and the other two are white so I’m thinking a 3-ply yarn.

 that’s all the excitement… I’m going to go be productive now.  😀

more beginnings

25 05 2007

I keep starting projects… 

monkey socksI was going to finish up my dad’s green socks before starting a new pair, but I really needed something other than stockinette socks on the needles.  I needed something exciting that I WANTED to knit.  So I took out my artsygal yarn and a size 1 circ and casted on.  I love these KnitPicks circs so much I can’t even tell you.  I was thrilled last week when I saw that they had new REAL number 1s and REAL number 2s… not the 1.5s and 2.5s that they called 1s and 2s before… so I ordered one in each size… and picked up a set of the options needles while I was at it because you know… it’s worth it for the free shipping.  😛

candle flame shawlRestarted the candle flame shawl yesterday too.  I kept meaning to start it again… but when I logged into ravelry… and noticed mine didn’t look anything like the others people were making… I went back and looked at the pattern.  Apparently right after I printed the pattern it was changed…… so now I’m making the new pattern.  😀

Attack of the killer SP

19 05 2007

So I’m doing SP10 and my pal said she’d be shipping something around the end of April… then one thing happened after another.  First her husband forgot to mail it… she found it in the car a few short weeks later and almost killed him.  Then the zip was incorrect so the PO decided to hold onto it for a week until she was able to fix it.

Well the printer box full of goodies showed up today, and yes it was quite a large printer box.  I opened it at the table while my parents and I were eating lunch, they looked at me like I was a crazy person while oooing and ahhing over everything that was pulled from the giant-bottomless-printer-box.

SP10 packageStarting with the far back left there some bright pink and bright green discloth cotton.  I have a freakish obsession with buying cotton and I love the pink/green color combos.  I’m going to have to make some more facecloths for the shower and such. In the very very back there’s a bright neon roving/batt thingy with pretty sparkly novelty type yarn mixed in which can be used for making art yarns.  I’ve never made art yarns but I like these items cause I’ll actually be able to knit something with my art yarn once I get around to spinning it.  Next in front of the art yarn batt there’s some camel down…mmm… camel.  Next to the camel a really, really pretty card.  I have a thing for lots of colors.  In front of the card there’s a 16inch lanternmoon rosewood circular…. pretty… very pretty… On top of the circular is a really cool glass pendant which I LOVE.  Next to that there is a lovely notebook which will be perfect for writing down my knitting projects and a lovely little ball of laceweight alpaca which I think I’ll make a lacy scarf out of.  In front of that… two bars of chocolate… I’m just waiting till I’m slightly hungry again to scarf those down.  Moving to the left there are 2 skeins of handspun that my SP spun for me, purples and pinks… my favorites.  And one is sparkly!  I love sparkly!  Behind that is sock yarn!  A sock yarn I haven’t used  yet either which is even more exciting cause I was just talking to someone last night online about how I wanted to try all the different kinds of sock yarn out there.  😀


 I love you… you wanna be my new best friend?  hehe.

Yarn…yarn…and socks.

16 05 2007

Yea, I know I suck at updating.  😛

bernatSo I went to knitting guild last week and was given this.  A giaganic 7oz ball of bernat acrylic.  They’re having a little contest for who can make the best thing out of the giant Ball O’ Acrylic.  It will be judged at our little Christmas party so I’ve got till December.  😀

In other good news?  The test knit has been finished and sent off!  I’m still spinning like crazy but I have gotten back to work on my dad’s socks.  I’m past the heel and onto the leg.  Cross my fingers and I’ll have them done before his birthday in September.

Well… It’s not more roving.

8 05 2007

It’s sock yarn.

Artsy sock yarnI ordered yarn from artsy back when I had my wisdom teeth out (a little over a week ago) and I got it in the mail yesterday. I love her stuff. It’s great. I can’t wait to cast this on. I got the color crocus and there’s something like 475yds?

Then today I went to the LYS to see if their yarn selection was any better than what I remembered. It was! They had quite a variety of sock yarn. Not TONS mind you, but a decent variety.  I found some great guy colors and bought them. Plan to make a pair for my dad and my BF for Christmas. Austermann Step.  It has aloe in it which is really freaking cool.

There hasn’t been much knitting or spinning to show although I’m doing a lot of it lately. I’m currently test knitting a sock, and I’ve been spinning for money lately. So nothing really to show. Once I get these socks done though I hope to get some serious knitting done and my blog won’t be so boring anymore.