Yarn Diets.

2 05 2007

I need to go on a yarn diet bad which I’ve said on many occasions without actually doing anything.

Well yesterday I took one of those online stash spreadsheets and used it to organize my own stash with a few exceptions.  I didn’t organized every piece of scrap acrylic yarn that I own.  In fact I didn’t include most of my acrylic in my organization process because most of it was bought for charity, and organizing the wool/natural fibers wore me out.  hehe.. that and there is a lot of other knitting/spinning stuff sitting on top of my box of acrylic which I didn’t feel like moving.  The acrylic for that large pink/brown crocheted afgahn I started was organized because it was on top of the giant box of acrylic and accessible.  😀

My total yardage?  19486.89 yds.

I decided to add up the spinning stash too… made my own spreadsheet for that one and found I’ve got 157.5 oz.

Yea… I’ve got a lot of junk.  I’ve still got one more skein of sock yarn on it’s way that I ordered which will but me closer to the 20,000 yd mark.  My goal is to use up the stash. DUH.  At least using actual numbers I’ll be able to see more of a difference in the amount of yarn being used up.

The blog I got it off of was Katydid Knits.  It’s a very detailed spreadsheet and I like that you can put in the weight and yardage of the original skein… then if it’s been used up you can add in the new weight and it auto calculates your new yardage and weight.  It’s cool.  So if you want to organize your stash the link is in the right hand column with her patterns and such.




2 responses

2 05 2007

seriously that’s alot of fiber. Start thinking Xmas now.

5 05 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Augh, I’m totally afraid to do that!! I might find out how much I have!

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