Attack of the killer SP

19 05 2007

So I’m doing SP10 and my pal said she’d be shipping something around the end of April… then one thing happened after another.  First her husband forgot to mail it… she found it in the car a few short weeks later and almost killed him.  Then the zip was incorrect so the PO decided to hold onto it for a week until she was able to fix it.

Well the printer box full of goodies showed up today, and yes it was quite a large printer box.  I opened it at the table while my parents and I were eating lunch, they looked at me like I was a crazy person while oooing and ahhing over everything that was pulled from the giant-bottomless-printer-box.

SP10 packageStarting with the far back left there some bright pink and bright green discloth cotton.  I have a freakish obsession with buying cotton and I love the pink/green color combos.  I’m going to have to make some more facecloths for the shower and such. In the very very back there’s a bright neon roving/batt thingy with pretty sparkly novelty type yarn mixed in which can be used for making art yarns.  I’ve never made art yarns but I like these items cause I’ll actually be able to knit something with my art yarn once I get around to spinning it.  Next in front of the art yarn batt there’s some camel down…mmm… camel.  Next to the camel a really, really pretty card.  I have a thing for lots of colors.  In front of the card there’s a 16inch lanternmoon rosewood circular…. pretty… very pretty… On top of the circular is a really cool glass pendant which I LOVE.  Next to that there is a lovely notebook which will be perfect for writing down my knitting projects and a lovely little ball of laceweight alpaca which I think I’ll make a lacy scarf out of.  In front of that… two bars of chocolate… I’m just waiting till I’m slightly hungry again to scarf those down.  Moving to the left there are 2 skeins of handspun that my SP spun for me, purples and pinks… my favorites.  And one is sparkly!  I love sparkly!  Behind that is sock yarn!  A sock yarn I haven’t used  yet either which is even more exciting cause I was just talking to someone last night online about how I wanted to try all the different kinds of sock yarn out there.  😀


 I love you… you wanna be my new best friend?  hehe.




4 responses

20 05 2007

Very nice package… worth the wait!

22 05 2007

Are you going to be at Panera tonight? I have a gal at work who just sheared her alpacas and is willing to give us the roving in exchange for some of it being spun/dyed so she has something to show her customers. So…..

23 05 2007
secret pal

Whoops- I posted my comment in the last post! So glad you got it and can’t wait to see what you make with your goodies!!!!!!!!!!

23 05 2007
secret pal

PS: Really glad you like the pendant- duuno if I noted this, but it came out of my kiln!

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