more beginnings

25 05 2007

I keep starting projects… 

monkey socksI was going to finish up my dad’s green socks before starting a new pair, but I really needed something other than stockinette socks on the needles.  I needed something exciting that I WANTED to knit.  So I took out my artsygal yarn and a size 1 circ and casted on.  I love these KnitPicks circs so much I can’t even tell you.  I was thrilled last week when I saw that they had new REAL number 1s and REAL number 2s… not the 1.5s and 2.5s that they called 1s and 2s before… so I ordered one in each size… and picked up a set of the options needles while I was at it because you know… it’s worth it for the free shipping.  😛

candle flame shawlRestarted the candle flame shawl yesterday too.  I kept meaning to start it again… but when I logged into ravelry… and noticed mine didn’t look anything like the others people were making… I went back and looked at the pattern.  Apparently right after I printed the pattern it was changed…… so now I’m making the new pattern.  😀



3 responses

25 05 2007

hmm I have that starting problem too! But I actually finished one item and then started another one even though I have half a sock sitting here staring at me! No Ravelry inivte for me yet?? WAHHH

25 05 2007

I do the SAME thing, my friend calls it cast on fever lol

26 05 2007

Now all you need is an extra pair of hands.

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