Great Lakes Fiber Show 2007

26 05 2007

So Denise came over and we went Fiber Festing today… oh fun times.  My mom and grandma came along too but our wanting too look at fiber bored them a bit so they went off ahead on their own.  Great Lakes Fiber Show gets better and better every year… especially if you know your stuff when it comes to fiber.  The more I learn about the quality of certain fiber the more I realize that they have some GREAT deals at this festival.

I tried to bring home an angora again… the lovely lady at Sheep Haven…. She let me hold one of the males…. I didn’t want to give him back.

Great Lakes 2007Fiber fest way today… it went quite well.  The top left is some superwash fiber from Sheep Shed Studio.  They go buy mill ends off of Brown Sheep and they’ve got tons of stuff for great prices.  You can’t beat superwash roving at $12 a pound… and I didn’t have to pay shipping from Wyoming either.  😀  Next to the roving on the right is some Angel Face laceweight from Briar Rose Fibers.  Further to the right… trekking… of course.  Under the trekking (the bright blue shiney stuff) is 5.8oz of some soysilk.  Next to the soy silk are 3, 1/2 oz silk caps in similar colors which is hard to tell from the photo and on the other side of that is 3, 1/2 oz silk hankies.  One of the hankies is dyed, and the other two are white so I’m thinking a 3-ply yarn.

 that’s all the excitement… I’m going to go be productive now.  😀




3 responses

28 05 2007

I love the Great Lakes Show! I didn’t get to go this year, so thanks for letting me enjoy it through you. 😉 Looks like a good haul!

29 05 2007

Wow! Very nice ! I will have to go next year!

1 06 2007

The show was awesome, wasn’t it… I think I actually bought that same exact superwash roving! According to my grandma I’m not allowed to spin it yet until I practice with something less amazing.

Have a great weekend!

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