The art project

27 05 2007

I’m such a bad blogger… and I’m sure I’ve said that before.  Recently the only thing I’ve been posting about was new yarns and fibers that I have aquired, because I started to worry that me showing the same project over and over and over and over again would bore the heck out of the 4 people who probably read my blog.  Part of the reason my knitting doesn’t progress very fast is because I’ve got about 5 project on the needles right now.  I’ve decided that the whole point of a knitting/spinning/crochet blog is to SHOW the stuff WHILE I’m working on it so I’m going to try to post more often maybe 2-3 times a week.

So my sister started a new project for her art class a few weeks ago and decided she wanted it to be of me knitting.  I know… great eh?  Well she was doing a lot with black and white… so the yarn I’m knitting with had to be black and white.  Lucky for her my boyfriend got a black and white binary scarf for his birthday so I knew there was lots of black and white acrylic in my stash that I could give her so she can glue it to her project.

the art projectSo I started this scarf.  I wanted something plain and basic that wouldn’t involve a lot of brain power so I grabbed a 10 sided dice (yay for gaming), and a pair of size 10 knitting needles.  Roll the dice, knit that number of garter stitch bump thingies, and repeat with the next color.  Her project is due Tuesday so apparently I have to get this scarf done this weekend.  I didn’t realize the deadline was this close until she mentioned it yeasterday… I also didn’t realize she wanted a 3 foot long scarf.




4 responses

27 05 2007

You actually have 21 one subscribers according to bloglines Kraftie.;)

27 05 2007

If it’s her art project, why are you the one knitting? or is she doing a project about creative process & you’re the artist she’s profiling?

27 05 2007

Gamer are you… ? you should try Glad to hear I’m not in the “spam box” no longer… very strange.

31 05 2007

This is an awesome piece! If I were her teacher, she would get an A+, alas I am not but please pass on my kudos to her!

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