Giant update… sorta

9 06 2007

I have a tendancy to not post when I have content…. especially if I’ve got multiple things to talk about.  I post about the coolest… and save the rest for a later date when my blog content is lacking a bit.  However, I forget to post the other stuff… so I need to stop doing that.  😉

green socksStill working away on the green socks.  My goal is to get them done before my dad’s birthday in September.  I’ve got plenty of time… I just need to get them done so I can start my sister’s b-day gift.  These are pretty close to being finished.  Both heels are done and now I’m just knitting until the yarn runs out which isn’t too far away…my dad has some large feet.  Note to self: when making socks for dad buy more than the usual amount of sock yarn… or buy artsy yarn cause she’s got some freakish yardage.

Speaking of artsy yarn… the monkey socks I was making out of her superwash merino have been frogged.  They just weren’t going to fit my massive legs.  Well.. they FIT… but you couldn’t see the pattern at all.  So I frogged and I think I’m going to make the anastasia socks with her yarn instead.  I think this pattern will be much easier to adapt than the monkey pattern.

candle flame shawlStill working on the Knit Picks Candle Flame Shawl…  This time with the correct pattern.  😉  The right pattern makes all the difference and the chart is super easy to read and memorize.  I’m using the Shimmer laceweight yarn and I LOVE IT.  They actually have some of the colors on sale right now if your quick.  It’s a alpaca/silk blend and is quite amazing to work with.  I think Knit Picks laceweight yarns are my favorite out of all their yarns… and you can’t beat the price.

cabled dishclothI’m making a cabled dishcloth out of sugar ‘n creme yarn… it’s a pretty pattern and I love it, but cables on cotton is just not fun to knit.  I do love the colors though.  Something about the color brown I’m quite in love with… brown and pink… brown and blue…  mmmm..

Oh… and now for one of those things I just didn’t post about…

When I got back from the fiber fest last month I had purchased a lot of silk… but I didn’t have a spindle that I could spin true laceweight yarn on… so I ordered one.

bosworth featherweight spindle

It deserves a giant picture… I have a thing for the bosworth spindles.  I had bought a heavier one earlier this year and I’m still in complete love with it… but I thought a lace one would be nice for spinning up my silk.  I’m not sure how my wheels will spin up silk and such so I’d prefer to do it on a spindle.  Spinning silk on a spindle isn’t very scary when you’ve only got 1.5 oz total to spin.  The new spindle is a featherweight spindle made from Pau Amarillo wood and weighs 13 grams or .46 ounces.  It’s just lovely.  Sheila from Bosworth is such a pleasure to work with and answers all my stupid questions.




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10 06 2007

I think you need to grow an extra set of hands…you are quite the busy lady!

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