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14 06 2007

Soooooooooooooooo… I’ve been wanting a hackle… and reading the article in the Spring issue of Spin Off finally did me in.  I started searching the internet for hackles and I knew they were expensive.  I had seen Cider Moon’s DIY hackle before… but I didn’t have anywhere I could hook up hair picks like that.  Then I saw this bloggers post… and that was it. 
hackle hackleI bought supplies that afternoon and the next night I had a hackle. Didn’t get a chance to actually play with the hackle though… stupid homework ruining my life.  But after my class today I had some serious fun.What can I say? I’m very easily amused and love spinning/fiber toys.

hackle with fiberThis is a picture of the fiber… I layered all the colors with green on the bottom… blue in the middle… and orange on top.  It makes a blendy roving with a little of each color in it when you pull it off the hackle.  I also put some in blocks to make some self striping roving.  There are more pictures in my flickr account if anyone is interested.

Fiber…. all pretty now.

 ETA:  I realize this post gets quite a few hits and it really isn’t that informative.  😛  Upon further inspection I also realized that the links had gone bad over time and so I found one of the old ones and changed it, but Cider Moon’s site is sadly down and has been down for a few months now.  They had some GREAT videos of this process on their site which is why I had linked it and not put much info on my blog itselfl.  I plan on searching to see if I can find some good links for you guys, and if I can’t I’ll try doing my own video thing sometime.  🙂




2 responses

14 06 2007

Great hackle, kraftie! I’m sure you’ll have tons of fun using it! I’m just itching to try all sorts of fibers on mine 🙂

15 06 2007

Neat toy!

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