Oh how I love my spinny toys…

16 06 2007


I’ve been spinning… duh.  I actually spin quite obsessively.. but now I’ve actually got something that I can show on my blog.  The skeins above might look familiar… I actually spun them up quite some time ago, this past week though I decided to run them back through the wheel so they had a tighter ply.  I like my yarn tightly plied.

sock weightThere has been some spindle spinning too.  This is the first fiber I threw onto my purpleheart bosworth spindle that I got earlier in the year.  I’m making sock yarn.  LOVE this spindle.  The bosworth spindles are just amazing!  One thing I don’t love about this yarn… I plied to tightly… it looked fine when I was plying on the spindle… but its hard to tell just how tight the ply is when you’ve got the weight of the spindle pulling it down.  Lesson learned… ease up a bit when plying.  I’m determined to make enough for a pair of socks on this spindle just so I can have myself some spindle spun socks.  It WILL be a long term project.  😉

Oh… and I’ve been quite obsessed with the little index cards lately.  Throw a single and a ply on them… and I’ve got something to compare my spinning too while I’m actually spinning.  With these little cards, I get yarn that is pretty much the same all the way through.




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16 06 2007

That is really beautiful spinning kraftie.

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