Yarn/Fiber Diet

16 06 2007

I HAVE to do it… no choice.

I will NOT buy YARN or FIBER until the GREAT LAKES FIBER SHOW…. and since that’s in May I should have the stash seriously busted by then.

My fiber truely is taking over my life. The only way this diet will be broken is if I run out of fiber or yarn. The chances of me running out of yarn? Never will happen. Chances of running out of fiber? Probably not. Since I do spin for some spare change I get a shipment every once in awhile of fiber to spin. So the chances of spinning through my personal stash is very unlikely.

Please… I beg you all… hold me to this. 🙂

ETA:  So my BF, and some online friends convinced me this was completely ridiculous.  I had promised my sister a b-day gift this year… and I knit little rewards for the kids I tutor.  Not being able to buy yarn until next may would mean these things would have to come from stash, and I’m not about to use the nice stash on the kids I tutor.  😉  So the rules have changed.  I get $10 a month and that includes taxes and shipping.  If there’s something left over, it will roll over to the next month.  That way I CAN buy something for myself, I’ll just have to make sure it’s something I REALLY want.  



2 responses

17 06 2007

I just told my husband that I am not buying anymore yarn until Stitches (October)…I have so much, and its just starting to take over too!

18 06 2007

Glad to see you made a compromise with yourself. A *sigh* of relief.

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