yet another sock.

24 06 2007

I’ve got cast on issues.

I started a mitered square the other day and it was just UGLY.. the pattern made no sense at all!  Then I realized I had dropped a stitch in the very first row and that was probably why it just didn’t look right.  😛

I was making the squares for my knitting group that I occasionally go to in Cuyahoga Falls, but I’m not sure I’m going to finish it… let alone start more.

Oh… and the fact that I’ve had a purple sock sitting without a mate since January got to me so I cast on for it’s second.
lazy river

I had done the first sock for a test knit and because there were so many cables it was an at home type project, and since most of my knitting is done on the go it got put off.

It’s the lazy river socks that she sells on her site.  This sock is just great… nice and snug because of all the cables.  And just so you all know… when we test knit for her we don’t have to post about it at all on our blogs.. I do it becasue I like the pattern.  If I didn’t like the pattern, you would never know I knitted it.

I’ve been spinning lately too.  Finished up the first layer of the silk cap and I’ve been working on that Cherry Tree Hill roving that I’m going to hopefully make some lace outta.  I’m dying to spin up the roving I bought from KK awhile back… and I bought more roving from KK that I haven’t shown yet.

These next 2 weeks are going to be a killer with school.  I’ve been doing my homework and keeping up so the class wasn’t too bad… but I haven’t done much work on my 2 big projects yet.  One is due next Monday, the other is due next Thursday.  Guess what I’m going to be doing on the 4th of July… a thematic unit!




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