I love to update!

25 06 2007

So I’ve updated A LOT lately…. anyone else noticed?  I’ve gone from about once a week to almost daily…

Why the sudden change?  It’s easy!  I have 6 days left of my summer class.  3 this week.  3 next week.  Oh.. and I have 2 BIG projects… a final to study for… plus other random journal entries I have to write.

I don’t want to do ANY of it.  I am sick of school.  This is supposed to be my summer break… where I sit on my butt and enjoy my fiber hobby all day.  My knitting/spinning stuff has taken over my bedroom.  I love seeing fiber all the time, but it’s also REALLY distracting.

OH!  About middle of last week I shipped my last and final SP10 package off to Canada land… (ended up stuck at the PO for 30 minutes because I didn’t want to drive home in the massive storm that rolled through while I was there)… and apparently the package arrived today.  Record time.  I had included my info with the package so she knows who I am now.  🙂  Go visit her.  Kit’s Knit Spot.  You know you wanna click that link….  😉




One response

26 06 2007
Valerie in San Diego

You are such a fiber addict, girl. I can’t wait to see if you stick to your diet.

The blog’s a great excuse for not working, isn’t it? I’m doing it to avoid work too at the moment.

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