That stuff that I’m pretending I didn’t buy…

25 06 2007

Um…  remember when I said I bought some roving that I never mentioned?

Well.. it was only a pound… and she has great prices… and I figured since I was placing one order, I might as well get some more to save on shipping costs and all.

dragonfibers roving

In a clockwise direction starting from the top left:  Fall leaves (merino 80% / tussah silk 20%), The Briny Deep (merino 50% / tencel 50%), Peachsicle (merino 80% / tussah silk 20%), Setting Sun (100% BFL).  Purchased from, and she still has some REALLY pretty stuff left…. and the colors are much better in person then they are in the pictures this round.

This is why I had to go on a MAJOR yarn/fiber diet.




5 responses

25 06 2007

Beautiful roving which I’m sure will make yarn as beautiful as what you sent me! Wow, thanks so much for the latest (and ALL) the SP10 packages, they are truly wonderful and such thoughtful gifts. And now I know who you are! 🙂


25 06 2007

Beautiful!!!!! Can’t wait to see it spun! Off to check out that link…

25 06 2007

Very pretty.

25 06 2007

Pretty choices!

4 07 2007

How did I miss this post about my roving? I can’t wait to see which one you spin up first.

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