Socks! Not.

31 07 2007

I was on a roll.  Updating daily!  Today I was going to post about all the progress made on my Anastasia sock and on my trip to and from Columbus today I had almost 2 inches on the cuff!  Then I realized that I had completely managed to mess up my gauge… so it’s been frogged back down to the heel.  🙂


Dragonfibers BFL. Check.

30 07 2007

More handspun!
Lavendar and Pewter BFL

This time it’s the BFL that I bought from Dragonfibers a few months ago.  I got 290 yards out of this 4oz of roving and it’s definitely a thicker sock weight yarn.  It’s just a smidge thinner than the Jitterbug yarn.  This is good because with the slightly thicker sock yarn I can make socks that usually wouldn’t fit with a thinner yarn.  This BFL is dreamy… so very very dreamy.

Now!  I will try to get some Knitting FOs to show you all.  😉

Spinning Spinning Spinning.

29 07 2007

Behold! I’m spinning my Lavendar and Pewter BFL that I bought from dragonfibers! It’s lovely.

Dragonfibers BFL

I spun up the first half on Friday, the second half on Saturday, and started plying Saturday night. I’m still plying. I was hoping to finish it up today but I went to the Cuyahoga Falls Knitting Meet up event. Then after the meet up I went to visit with the boyfriend. The knitting meet up was a blast. We met at Miss Chickpea’s Funky Fibers and I have to say the store was great.  They had a couple different brands of sock yarn that were lovely.  The best thing is they had great colors for sock yarn.  Lots of good yarn in general.  I stayed true to the yarn/fiber diet and just bought the book More Sensational Knitted Socks.  It is such an amazing book!  And… I left the book at my Boyfriend’s house.  ughhhhhhhhh… I want it now and I can’t flip through the pretty pictures.  😦  Oh well.  I will live.  I have plenty of other projects on the needles anyways.

CTH. Check.

28 07 2007

Done done done!  I finished this last bit of plying up Thursday night and started in on the first 4 oz of BFL that I bought from Dragon Fibers.  That stuff is dreamy.  I’m in love with the BFL and the dyes are gorgeous!  The colors are even all the way through, unlike this CTH fiber I finished.  Oh, and she JUST updated the other day.  If you would all go buy it so I don’t have too, it would really be appreciated.  lol.  I LOVE almost every new color and I’m trying sooo hard to resist.  The stuff is reasonably priced too.  I’m almost half way done with the BFL I started yesterday and I hope to have some more finished handspun in a day or two.

Cherry Tree Hill Handspun

This skein is a total of 306 yards.  So from the 8 oz of CTH roving I ended up with 790 yards of a heavy laceweight, and 326 yards of a sock weight.  hehe… this is why I started making sample cards.  But still, I should be able to get a decent pair of stockinette socks and a small shawl or large scarf from this 8 oz of roving.  I’m happy.

bad blogger…

18 07 2007

Yea… I’m a bad blogger.  I’ve actually done quite a bit of knitting and spinning since the last update.  I just don’t update.  I HAD to update every week during SP10, but as soon as it was over… I stopped with the bloggy.  I think I did this when SP8 ended as well.

Lots has been done on the Lazy River Sock.  I was working on it while tutoring a week or so ago and the youngest of the girls decided she loved it and asked if she could have it.  It was started as a test knit, I love the pattern, but it is a tight fit on my wide foot, so it’s all hers.

lazy river socks

My fish decided to lay eggs all over the fish tank the other night… that was interesting.  Then after 2 days it destroyed all the eggs.  There’s no male in the tank anyways so it was just a matter of time.

Speaking of pets… I’ve been obsessive about birds lately.  I REALLY want a bird.  I’ve been interested in birds for quite some time, but after talking to someone in a chat a week or so ago I’ve been completely obsessed.  I’ve decided a parrotlet would be the ideal bird.  It’s exactly what I’m looking for in a bird: nice, small, semi-quiet, and has talking capabilities.  Of course there’s no way I can get one till I’m out on my own anyways, so I’ve got at LEAST 2 years to obsessively research these cute little birdies, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.  😉

Anastasia Socks

10 07 2007

I really haven’t been knitting much when I’m at home.  Most of my knitting happens at friends houses, or car rides.  I tend to knit a lot more during the school year too because I can get a few rows in between classes.

Last weekend we went to Sharon, PA because my sister wanted to go to the Winner and look at home coming dresses to see if there were any great deals.  We really didn’t have much luck with dresses; probably because they aren’t getting in the new stuff quite yet for the upcoming year.  I got a lot accomplished though in the car ride on the Anastasia sock.

anastasia socks

They are lovely. My yarn is doing the swirly pooling thing but I always get that because I’ve got wider feet. The colors are so great though, and the yarn is so squishy that I really don’t care. 😉 I actually went outside for once and the colors are EXACTLY what they are in real life… I really need more of this yarn. I just have far too much yarn right now to bring any new yarn into my life. 🙂 MUST DESTASH.

Speaking of stash busting my little “fiber budget” thing. It’s going great. I wasn’t allowed anything until July. July started and I’ve got $10 to spend this month on yarn/fiber, but I’ve bought nothing. I’m saving it in case I need to buy anything for Birthday or Christmas gifts. That and I just have far too much yarn that I don’t need any more yarn for me. hehe… I WANT yarn.. I just don’t NEED yarn.

4th of July!

4 07 2007

Happy 4th everybody.

I finished my project in good time today.  I’ve actually been done with it since 6:30ish… and then I’ve been spinning.

I love the spinny wheel…  I was spinning so much my hands started cramping up again…:-P