1 07 2007

SP10 is officially over. I spoiled a pretty cool person. I linked her blog a few posts ago so if you haven’t checked her out, go do it!

The person who was spoiling me was pretty cool too. She sent one big package in early June, and mentioned there would be another package in the future. Second package never showed, but honestly… I got so spoiled with the first package I really don’t care if it never shows up. 😉

I’m just waiting to find out who sent me the really cool package. I know she slipped back in the beginning and left a link to her blog, so if she doesn’t reveal in the near future I’ll go hunt her down. 🙂


As far as knitting and spinning goes I’ve finished the washcloth for one of the girls I tutor.

Pattern:  Crisscross Dishcloth from Creative Knitting, March 2005

Yarn:  Sugar ‘N Cream in Rosewood color

I really don’t like how the top and bottom ruffle up, but I know that is because of the cables.  Maybe if I did some sort of ribbing it wouldn’t have been so weird.

I’ve been spinning a lot with what little free time I have.  Just ONE MORE WEEK of summer class!  As exciting as that is I’ve got a TON of stuff to do before it’s over.  hehe… I love caffine.  I’ve been using the Joy spinning wheel for my “spinning stuff I’m getting paid for”… and my tradition for “fun spinning”.  Currently the traditional has some lace on it.  Good news there is that I’m ALMOST done with the lace.  As soon as that lace is done I’m going to spin up some of my dragonfibers roving I bought into some yummy sock yarn.

As much as I love the two wheels I still want another one.  I think it’s competition issues.  The only reason I really started buying and stashing yarn like crazy was because I got a blog, and that’s what the internet bloggers do, buy and stash yarn.  Everytime someone buys a new wheel, I want one too.  I have serious issues.  😉 

My excuse is that I want a double treadle wheel… more specifically, I want a majacraft suzie pro.  It’s a dream wheel.  I’m sure it’ll be a LONG time till I ever get my hands on it but it’s a goal I can save up for.  Right now I’ve got a list of money spent on my hobby… and money made from the hobby… I think the money I make on the hobby should be money spent on the hobby… so as soon as what I’ve made is enough for a wheel… I’m getting it.  😉




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1 07 2007

I’d get it. You never get the chance to really spoil yourself the way you do in college and when living at home.

3 07 2007



4 07 2007

That’s kinda cool looking.

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