Anastasia Socks

10 07 2007

I really haven’t been knitting much when I’m at home.  Most of my knitting happens at friends houses, or car rides.  I tend to knit a lot more during the school year too because I can get a few rows in between classes.

Last weekend we went to Sharon, PA because my sister wanted to go to the Winner and look at home coming dresses to see if there were any great deals.  We really didn’t have much luck with dresses; probably because they aren’t getting in the new stuff quite yet for the upcoming year.  I got a lot accomplished though in the car ride on the Anastasia sock.

anastasia socks

They are lovely. My yarn is doing the swirly pooling thing but I always get that because I’ve got wider feet. The colors are so great though, and the yarn is so squishy that I really don’t care. 😉 I actually went outside for once and the colors are EXACTLY what they are in real life… I really need more of this yarn. I just have far too much yarn right now to bring any new yarn into my life. 🙂 MUST DESTASH.

Speaking of stash busting my little “fiber budget” thing. It’s going great. I wasn’t allowed anything until July. July started and I’ve got $10 to spend this month on yarn/fiber, but I’ve bought nothing. I’m saving it in case I need to buy anything for Birthday or Christmas gifts. That and I just have far too much yarn that I don’t need any more yarn for me. hehe… I WANT yarn.. I just don’t NEED yarn.




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11 07 2007

I think in some ways we’re both at a similar yarn saturation point. I don’t need yarn but there is yarn I would like to have. It also helps that I’ve become more confident in my dyeing.

15 07 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Great colors!!

I’m TRYING to knit from my stash, but if I have a specific small project (I have more than enough sweater yarn for the moment) I let myself buy it, e.g. Fixation for summer socks (since all I have left in stash is wool).

15 07 2007

Fab colors. Good girl, but I’m keeping track on how long it lasts 😉

17 07 2007

Pretty sock! Love that anastasia pattern – I’ve been wanting to knit it forever but haven’t found the right yarn yet….

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