Spinning Spinning Spinning.

29 07 2007

Behold! I’m spinning my Lavendar and Pewter BFL that I bought from dragonfibers! It’s lovely.

Dragonfibers BFL

I spun up the first half on Friday, the second half on Saturday, and started plying Saturday night. I’m still plying. I was hoping to finish it up today but I went to the Cuyahoga Falls Knitting Meet up event. Then after the meet up I went to visit with the boyfriend. The knitting meet up was a blast. We met at Miss Chickpea’s Funky Fibers and I have to say the store was great.  They had a couple different brands of sock yarn that were lovely.  The best thing is they had great colors for sock yarn.  Lots of good yarn in general.  I stayed true to the yarn/fiber diet and just bought the book More Sensational Knitted Socks.  It is such an amazing book!  And… I left the book at my Boyfriend’s house.  ughhhhhhhhh… I want it now and I can’t flip through the pretty pictures.  😦  Oh well.  I will live.  I have plenty of other projects on the needles anyways.




2 responses

30 07 2007

Beautiful yarn – amazing color.

30 07 2007

GORGEOUS color! Glad you had fun at Miss Peas.

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