Dragonfibers BFL. Check.

30 07 2007

More handspun!
Lavendar and Pewter BFL

This time it’s the BFL that I bought from Dragonfibers a few months ago.  I got 290 yards out of this 4oz of roving and it’s definitely a thicker sock weight yarn.  It’s just a smidge thinner than the Jitterbug yarn.  This is good because with the slightly thicker sock yarn I can make socks that usually wouldn’t fit with a thinner yarn.  This BFL is dreamy… so very very dreamy.

Now!  I will try to get some Knitting FOs to show you all.  😉



4 responses

30 07 2007

It’s beautiful!!!! I’m so glad you liked the BFL, now get cracking on those other rovings you bought 🙂

I can’t wait to see what you knit with this.

30 07 2007

Nicely spun! I 2nd the “get crackin” part… show us more spinning! 😉

31 07 2007


1 08 2007

Beautiful!!!!! I love your spinning… really inspiring. I”m on my second try with the spinning thing and this set of roving is going much, much better than the first. Nowhere near as perfect as yours is, though!

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